Welcome to Bourn hall

Professor Robert Edwards and Dr. Patrick Steptoe, the Nobel award-winning pioneers of In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), originally established Bourn Hall in 1980. Bourn Hall has the unique distinction of being a fertility clinic unlike any other, with treatment options specifically tailored to suit patient needs. We have the advantage of using our unparalleled expertise in understanding both female and male fertility. At Bourn Hall, we enable all our patients’ access to cutting-edge treatment and best-in-class support towards achieving the best possible outcome, while also upholding the highest possible quality standards.

In India, Bourn Hall International, is committed to fulfilling the aspirations of childless couples and bringing their dreams of parenthood to fruition. Spread across three cities, our clinics are located in Gurgaon, Delhi and Kochi. With a proven track record in IVF (with the birth of the first IVF baby Louis Brown) and other fertility treatments, we are dedicated in our efforts to help couples overcome difficulties in conception. As the premiere chain of IVF clinics worldwide, Bourn Hall aims to provide emotional, ethical and advanced technical support to couples facing fertility issues. All our clinics are equipped with the latest technology and have well-qualified, trained and experienced doctors in the field of IVF.

We have the distinction of receiving the 'Best IVF Service Provider' (2014) award at the Frost & Sullivan Healthcare Excellence Awards.Patient experience, quality care and clinical excellence have always been our core guiding principles in out treatment approach and have helped us win many laurels. We have been bestowed with the 'Best IVF and Fertility Clinic in North India' (2017) award at the National Quality Excellence Awards, 2017.

Our clinics have facilitated the births of tens of thousands of babies, since inception in 1980


To be the leading provider of patient-focused fertility treatment worldwide.

Our team of international experts and scientists pledge to uphold and provide discreet, professional and compassionate services; delivering accurate, concise information to our patients, bound by the highest levels of integrity. We are committed to working at the forefront of research, education and innovation in the areas of IVF and fertility, by using the latest technologies so as to deliver the highest possible success rates.

In India, it is our mission to honor our legacy of 38 years of leadership in the field of IVF and lead the way for path-breaking achievements in the fertility treatment arena. We will continue steadfast in our commitment towards research and innovation, developing new clinical techniques to assist those who seek treatment, while adhering to local regulations and keeping social requirements in mind.

Together, we pledge to gift you parenthood by bringing the new ‘gift of life’ into your arms tomorrow.

At Bourn Hall clinics worldwide, success translates to ‘healthy babies and happy families’. We are driven by our promise to bestow the ‘gift of life’ to our patients.



Our specialists have a thorough understanding of the latest in IVF and fertility treatments. A significant amount of time is spent familiarising the patient with the treatment type and the course of action after a preview of individual physical parameters. We conduct a detailed assessment of the likelihood of conception and provide our patients with honest advice – steering clear of giving them false hope. Our fertility experts clear any doubts that patients may have and have a very meaningful and informative interaction, preparing them to take the first steps towards making their dream come true.


At Bourn Hall we adhere to the highest possible ethical standards as we work with our patients to help them make the right choices. Our patients have the advantage of drawing from our wealth of knowledge and unrivalled experience which our fertility specialists gain through our innovation and research-led approach. Our expertise lies in combining our skills with a genuine understanding of each individual need and taking the best possible decisions.


Bourn Hall clinics in every location are tucked away from hustle and bustle of any medical facility, almost becoming a ‘sanctuary’, offering our patients a calm and serene ambience. To ensure that treatment is availed in a tranquil environment, our clinics are well furnished in a contemporary style, providing ample space for everybody. Our specialists spend quality time with every patient as we understand that the need for IVF and fertility treatments are linked to the emotion of a couple, along with their respective medical issues. We strive to be an extension of every patient’s family even before they start a family.


Another distinctive feature at Bourn Hall clinics is Open House – an informal session on Assisted Conception conducted every Saturday afternoon. Serving as a meet for knowledge dissemination for existing and prospective patients, at the open house, a qualified specialist makes a presentation, followed by a question and answer session. Later, there is a guided tour of accessible facilities and an interaction with the staff over tea, for attendees to get better acquainted with us, where the treatment options available for conception are discussed.