Infertility Services


Bourn Hall Fertility Centres are focused on making it easy for couples to begin their relationship with us. Given below are the introductory steps that may be required before you begin your treatment:
Requesting active participation and support from your gynecologist
Utilizing the services of a local hospital/nursing home for any additional examinations or investigation and further treatment, if necessary
Undergoing surgeries or added investigations (hysteroscopy or laparoscopy, for instance), if recommended by your consultant at the hospital
Once you choose Bourn Hall for your treatment, we will guide you through the next steps of your journey, which will commence with an individual consultation with one of our expert fertility specialist doctors.
If you are unsure and are seeking treatment for the first time, you are invited to attend one of our Open House sessions to learn more about Bourn Hall Fertility Centre’s facilities and treatments. Attendance to the Open House sessions requires neither a fee nor an obligation to use our services.


What happens at your consultation?
At the initial consultation, our doctors will review your detailed medical history, accompanied by a physical examination. This includes internal examinations and TVS USG of our female patients, if needed on the same day, and semen analysis of their spouses. Based on the results, the best treatment plan is formulated. During this visit, you will be introduced to relevant team members, a facility visit will be organised as well. In some cases, additional investigations related to fertility may be required. Following the consultation and assessment, we will be able to counsel you about the best-suited treatment option for you.


At At Bourn Hall Fertility Centre , all patients requiring ART treatment are required to fulfill certain criteria prior to commencing treatment. These standard criteria/tests have been designed to protect you and the health of your child. Hormone Profile for Female Patients Anti Mullerian Hormone (AMH): Excellent marker suggestive of ovarian reserve and oocyte quality, not related to menstrual cycle Other blood tests of ovarian reserve: Day 2 or 3 FSH, LH and E2 TVS to assess antral follicle count: Another important marker suggestive of ovarian reserve Body Mass Index (BMI): Obese women with BMI >=30 and men with BMI>32 are advised to lose weight before undergoing surgical sperm retrieval Cervical Smear, Rubella, Hemoglobin and Mammography Immunity to rubella needs to be ascertained. If the patient has not been immunized naturally, the vaccination needs to be administered one month before treatment commences. Complete blood work and hemoglobin electrophoresis are done prior to starting the treatment. Women aged 40 and above are required to have a mammography done not more than one year prior to the initiation of treatment. Cervical smear should be clear for at least three years prior to starting the treatment. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Syphilis Infection markers are tested, under strict confidentiality, for both the partners before starting treatment. Semen Analysis Male partners will be required to undergo semen analysis at the clinic after 3-5 days of abstinence


What happens during your treatment?
Once you are ready to start your treatment with us, simply call us at +91-9555-522-122 or SMS BHI to 56767 to consult with our fertility experts, and talk through the detailed timings of your treatment, when to schedule your next appointment, etc. Following your initial consultation, a mutually convenient date will be set for the start of your personal treatment plan, wherein the number of appointments is decided upon. The Bourn Hall team also schedules dates for necessary blood tests and ultrasound scans, and a tailored drug regime is devised to support you on your journey. Throughout your journey with us, you are guaranteed plenty of opportunities to ask any questions about your treatment.


What happens in counselling during treatment?
Bourn Hall medical experts are complemented by a strong and dedicated team of professional counsellors or what we refer to as the ‘fertility coach’. It is an established fact that increased stress levels, reduce the chances of pregnancy. According to the D’omar et al; Boston IVF, Harvard Medical School study, 43% of couples who underwent counselling achieved pregnancy, compared to a mere 16.7% in the control group who did not receive counselling. At Bourn Hall, our counsellors will be there for you at any time and at every stage, should you need their support, advice or assistance during your journey to parenthood. Our counsellors will guide couples on the IVF/ART process. They understand that not being able to conceive is an extremely emotional experience and help couples cope with any difficulties faced. The patients meet the counsellor/fertility guide a minimum of four times during an ART cycle. Couples are introduced to CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) to help reduce anxiety and stress. Alongside, other relaxation techniques are also discussed.