Our Legacy

After successfully giving the world its first IVF baby, Prof. Sir Robert G. Edwards and Dr. Patrick Steptoe devoted their lives to help infertile couples by setting up Bourn Hall Clinic at Cambridge, UK in 1980. Since then, through our extensive network of clinics worldwide, we have had the privilege of helping thousands of couples experience the miracle of parenthood through IVF treatment. Rated as one of the world’s best IVF clinic, Bourn-Hall Clinic is globally renowned for its advanced technologies, clinical excellence, consistent high success rates, quality patient care, process excellence, state-of-the-art facilities and transparency for nearly four decades. Today medical and ethical practices followed by Bourn Hall Clinic are considered to be the benchmarks of IVF treatment in the world.

We are Asia’s only infertility clinic to have a Clean Room IVF Lab, the biggest in fact, enabling us to carry out procedures like Single Blastocyst transfer. The presence of airborne concentrations of nano particles and microbes can affect embryo quality and impact pregnancy rates. Our leading- edge Clean Room IVF Lab is strategically planned to eradicate and contain the effects and production of volatile organic compounds (VOC), bacteria and virus compounds. This is done by a thorough monitoring of various parameters like the air pressure in the room, airflow filtration, velocity of air and humidity, in order to provide the best-suited environment for the healthy growth of embryo. We have 3 full time, well-qualified senior embryologists in our team. We firmly believe in the principle that every patient’s journey is different and every treatment must be individual. Hence we do not conduct procedures in batches.

Today medical and ethical practices adhered to by Bourn Hall are the benchmarks of IVF treatment across the globe. It is here that the IVF story began, with two legends who worked for two decades to give the world its first IVF baby.

For over two decades, Dr. Patrick Steptoe and Prof. Sir Robert G Edwards pursued research in the field of IVF treatment. It was paramount for them to make a worthwhile contribution to science, while at the same time, fulfill the dreams of childless couples to have their own babies. When they met with success with the birth of world’s first IVF baby, a whole new era of infertility treatment opened up and there has been no turning back since. Prof. Sir Robert G Edwards was awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine in 2010 and also received Knighthood for his pioneering effort.