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Respected Doctor ;
Due to efforts of Dr Anju ,I am enjoying this wonderful phase of life -motherhood. Despite being married for 8 years, I was unable to conceive which was challenging both emotionally and physically. I visited several dismissive doctors in Delhi and it was such a relief to meet Dr Anju. She had asked me health related questions and patiently listened to my answers, explained me the procedure taking care of all minute details and walked me through treatment process. Throughout the procedure, Dr Anju has been friendly, welcoming and efficient. Suffice is to say that she is highly professional and truly caring. I am grateful to Dr Anju and her skillful approach to address my case. My sincere recommendation and reference to all childless couples is to visit Dr Anju.

Hi Anju Mam,
I am blessed with a baby boy all thanks to the mammoth efforts made by you. I shall forever remain indebted to you and Bourn Hall. I chose to come there after all efforts for three years failed. Honestly, I was used to the dejection and didn't expect much there too. You not only treated me but counseled me in those depressing times. Words are not enough to express my gratitude. I shall always recommend Bourn Hall to distressed childless couples. Thank you for everything .

Visting an infertility clinic is quite a question for a couple. But here at Bourn hall the approach erases all doubts n awkward ness. Being a women is a pride. But being a " mother" is blessing. However every women is not blessed equally. Here comes in people like Dr. Anju Yadav from Bourn Hall a God Sent person. When couples loose even the hope to have child, organisations like Bourn hall clinic gives them the HOPE and the people in there make you feel confident that yes you too can. Bourn hall and its staff gives a perfect environment and confidence which helps a couple to complete there family. A Thank you is a very small word to say to Bourn Hall and Dr. Anju. But I will be ever thankful to them for a world of happiness to me. Yes I am proud mother of a baby boy. Thank you again and forever.