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Infertility is a growing medical condition affecting about 30 million Indian couples trying to start a family. Thankfully, advancements in IVF have opened the doors of possibilities for many couples. Though it is a life changing decision to go with IVF treatments, some couples are often misinformed or misled.

Despite the rapid advancements in this field and a steady increase in the number of pregnancies it has brought about, there are still many myths around infertility and IVF. Today, Delhi/NCR alone gives couples the option to choose from a wide variety of clinics like Indira IVF, Nova Fertility, Medicover Fertility and many more and also standalone doctor clinics like Kaberi Banerjee, Dr Archana Dhawan Bajaj etc. Obviously with increasing number of specialists in IVF and unfortunately clinics luring via discounted schemes, couples tend to make incorrect choices thus compromising on not just their health, but also jeopardising their best chance of having a baby. What is important for couples to understand is that the background, the legacy and the treatment approach of the clinic matters most.

IVF or reproductive medicine is a science that was pioneered in the year 1980 by Bourn Hall and paved the way for the rest of the world to follow. It is with this very knowledge and confidence of being the creator, Bourn Hall has made tremendous strides in advancing the science and helping millions of couples worldwide.

In India, the specialists at The Bourn Hall Fertility Centre – at Gurgaon and Lajpat Nagar do not have a patient conversion mindset. Not every case is treatable and there is no one set route that can be applied to all. Unfortunately several clinics are following this methodology and harming the science as well as patient’s health. Bourn Hall Fertility Centre believes that patients need to understand IVF and what to expect from it. There are plenty of myths surrounding the science because of certain practices. IVF is a big decision for a couple. They invest themselves emotionally, physically and financially. It is important for everyone to really know how fertility treatments can help.

I will conceive one day. We are a normal healthy couple! It is good to be positive. But if unable to conceive post trying for over a year, you need expert help! Only an IVF specialist can give you the right answer. See one soon.
We don’t have a baby. I think there is a problem with my wife! Infertility is 35% female-related, 35% male-related and 30% combined reasons! Its time couples knew this fact and went for the right advice.
IVF treatments don’t really work. IVF is a 39-year-old, well-established and trusted science with high success rate if practiced by the right expert. And Bourn Hall has over 16,000 IVF babies worldwide which is enough proof of the miracles the science delivers.
IVF babies are sometimes not normal. Louise Brown, the first IVF baby is now 38 and a mother of three. She was born at Bourn Hall UK and a living example of IVF success.
IVF is expensive and painful. Infertility treatments at Bourn Hall begin at just Rs 22,000 and vary case to case basis. The centre also has interest-free EMI options. Before thinking that the treatment is painful, the couple must talk to an IVF specialist freely.
All IVF institutions are more or less the same! Not really! Some are leaders, rest are not. Bourn Hall – the pioneers of IVF treatment have over 35 years of experience and 16,000+ IVF babies to its credit worldwide. Bourn Hall created the science and also works towards advancing it continuously.
Cost is the biggest parameter of choosing an IVF institution. IVF centre selection is a smart, well thought out decision based on the expertise of the centre – not a discount-led one! Meet the top clinics. Understand their approach and the treatment route proposed for your case. Talk to the specialists about your apprehensions and seek answers.


We have launched a special opportunity for couples to consult some of the world’s best specialists at the Bourn Hall Fertility Centres. This is called the Bourn Hall Fertility OPD Clinic and will be operational every Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm for the convenience of patients. A walk-in OPD, patients can drop by at their convenience and seek first time consultations or second opinions from the Bourn Hall experts.


Your treatment starts from the moment you consult our Fertility Specialist who suggests medicals tests for preliminary investigations. An Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) test is one of the most basic among all. A single blood test done during the menstrual cycle, AMH helps predict the number of eggs likely to be obtained in an IVF cycle. It also identifies women who may undergo early menopause. As pioneers of IVF, we bring to you not just advanced treatments and success rates but the hope to become a parent. To make this possible, we bring to you the AMH test at a price of Rs. 1,400 instead of Rs 2000 and increase your chance of parenthood!